Let's all work together for the greater good of our community!

Published: 23 May 2024

Lets all work together for the greater good of our community !

Join your Parish Council, lighten the load for the whole team and even have yourself some fun along the way! 

Since the elections this month, your Parish Council now has two vacancies available and we are hoping to fill these two spaces, with co-option being at the July 16th  meeting. 

The two main areas where help is most needed are Highways and Planning. 
Both Highways and Planning are extremely important areas for our community and require someone who has an interest in them and a desire to work on them as part of a team. 

To be part of the your community and offer your time on a voluntary basis and for the sheer enjoyment, is something that can be very fulfilling.  If you have never considered being on the Parish Council before or you have but feel like you may not have enough time, please rethink because your community needs you and your skills. Any of your time that you can offer will not only benefit the entire community but it will also benefit you and your family. 

Why not have a chat about joining the Parish Council and what it might involve? Your help is so important for maintaining the forward movement of these projects and the existence of the Parish Council, which may sometimes seem like it isn't doing very much but with more people involved and offering support the skies the limit for what can be achieved!

Join a jolly, kind, openminded, 'wanna do but not enough hours in the day' bunch of people and get to know your community better!

Contact the Chair Cllr Hannah Lister today! - fmpc.hlister@gmail.com

We can't wait to hear from you!