Your PC and your community needs your help!

Published: 12 January 2024

Offering the community this opportunity requires manpower and time. With its current commitments and duties the Parish Council does not have the capacity required to run the consultation. This is also your Neighbourhood Plan so input from the community is essential.

Help is needed with publicising, acquiring and collating responses according to the Neighbourhood Plan protocols which shall be provided and made clear.

If no one comes forward to help with this part of the journey we face not being able to move the FM Neighbourhood Plan forward to completion which, after all of the hard work and finances that has gone into the project so far, for the benefit of the entire Parish, would be a great shame. 

We want to be very clear that the Parish Council cannot continue with the Neighbourhood plan review without the input and support of the parishioners. The Parish Councils role is to vote for and support the Neighbourhood Plan so it can go to Dorset Council and be implemented. This will be done at the next Parish Council Meeting on January 16th. It is then the responsibility of you, the parishioners, to complete this final step if you want the Village to have a Neighbourhood plan.

Please let us know if you have any questions or are able to offer some of your time to help with this by contacting us as soon as possible.

All Parish Councillors contacts.
Hannah Lister - Community Reach - Highways - Chairman
Fontmell Magna -
Laura Scott Walby - Planning
Fontmell Magna -
Laura Kurton - Parish Communications
Bedchester  -
Andy Main - Footpaths and Rights of Way
Fontmell Magna -
Christine Scott - Social Infrastructure
Fontmell Magna -
John 'J' Roberts-Davies - Highways
Bedchester -
Ann Lee - Clerk -