20MPH Rejected by Dorset Council

Published: 10 May 2023


DC Highways have rejected our application for a 20-mph speed limit on the dangerous A350 through our village.


The reasons given were;

  1. Applications should not be on roads where the movement of motor vehicles is the primary function. The A350 has the hierarchal status as a strategic route and therefore cannot meet this criterion.


  1. Existing mean speeds should provide a realistic opportunity for compliance.  The most recent survey results show speeds well above 24mph and therefore does not meet this criterion.


  1. Informal consultation with Dorset Police has shown that they would not support an application if it included the A350.


This will be discussed at the PC AGM meeting on the 16th May.


The PC will consider inviting DC Councillors, Highways and the Police to a public meeting to explain to our residents why we cannot have a 20 mph speed limit




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