The FMCLT Village Shop & Post Office project – 25 April 2022

Published: 04 May 2022

With the amazing support and generosity of many members of our village and the local community, together with the grant from the Government’s ‘Community Ownership Fund’, we are now pressing on with the purchase of the freehold of the shop premises. This is an exciting, if somewhat challenging, prospect, as Fontmell Magna Community Trust Ltd, (‘FMCLT’) will be the owners of the property and the shop landlords.


The shop business, as most of you are aware, is presently operated by tenants, something we have no plans to change – instead we intend to support the shop tenants, present and future, by putting in place a community-focused lease, to ensure there will be a mutual benefit for the village and the tenants.


As we are now approaching completion of the purchase we URGENTLY need more people to support the FMCLT Management Committee (‘ManCom’) with this important project. We are only looking for a few hours a week, and, as far as the building work is concerned it will be a relatively short term commitment.  If you can and want to help, we would welcome your support and expertise in the following areas: 

· Communication and Admin – an individual OR individuals, computer literate, familiar with Word, Excel, email etc, – to support ManCom with routine admin, maintaining members records, issuing member updates, notices and media releases. 

To support FMCLT’s Property Management Group (‘PMG’) we need expertise in two key areas:

· Heating and Insulation – We need someone experienced and independent who can advise ManCom on the options for heating and insulating the premises – presently old night storage heaters – the solution must be as environmentally friendly as our budget will allow!

·  Health & Safety – ideally experienced in the various building trades to work alongside our property maintenance advisor, Barry Roberts to oversee and advise ManCom on safety matters of safety and areas of risk.

 To support the community needs and the shop:

·  Friends of the Village Shop – a small team to be the link with the tenants on behalf of the community – their role is to build and develop a positive relationship to protect the services the community needs, while helping to deliver a successful and profitable shop business. 



If you are interested please email with your contact details or call any of the Directors of ManCom below.  We look forward to hearing from you.


With thanks and regards

Dick Stainer, Chairman.


Dick Stainer, Chairman:          01747 811153 – email:

Robin East:                            01747 812349 – email:

Mark Edwards:                       01747 811313 – email:

Robert McCurrach,                01747 812077 – email:

Roger Thomas:                      01747 811440 – email: