Safer roads for all.

Published: 05 March 2022

Over the past few years the FMPC have been tirelessly campaigning for a safe village centre and the wider area of the Parish.

We are so happy to report that much progress has been made and we hoping to introduce several road safety initiatives to the village starting in the form of a SID. 



SID’s for Fontmell Magna – What’s it all about?


·      What is a SID?

Speed Indicator Device is an electronic sign controlled by radar. It notifies drivers of their speed and helps to make them more aware of potential hazards in the area and the appropriate speed at which they should be travelling.

·      Why is a SID better than a conventional speed limit sign?

SID is particularly beneficial when tackling the casual or unintentional speeder who, through a lack of attention or awareness, may not have realised that they are driving too fast or breaking the speed limit.  Because the SID flashes to individual drivers with an appropriate “message”, it attracts a driver’s attention. Evidence shows some drivers become “sign-blind” to conventional signs.

·      Are SID’s effective?

YES! A yearlong evaluation in Dorset showed that speed reduction was achieved where SIDs were activated. The speeds of more than 325,000 vehicles were recorded following 70 deployments at 35 sites. Results revealed that the average speed decrease was 5.26mph when compared with average speeds before deployment.

·      Where in Fontmell Magna are the SID’s going to be positioned?

Dorset Highways are collecting traffic data at 4 sites at beginning of March with a view to establishing if the criteria are met to install a SID.  The surveys are on the A350 at each end of the village and its centre and also near the village hall on West Street.  We should know the results of the survey by end of March.
Dorset Highways rules mean one SID will alternative between the sites about every 6 weeks.

·      What will the SID cost?

About £2,750 – the Parish Council are seeking grants to help pay for this.


We will keep you updated with how this project is progressing and further exciting projects we are working on, all with the goal of creating a safer, happier and more beautiful Parish for us all. 

Your Parish Council Team.


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