Volunteers Needed in Fontmell Magna

Published: 21 October 2021

Do you have some spare time to help out your local community?

We are looking for a volunteer or group of volunteers to tend to a piece of land that is central to our village, Fontmell Magna.

The kind gentleman who has been tending this piece of land needs to retire. He has done such a fantastic job at keeping this lovely area up together for us all to enjoy, be it passing by or taking a moment to sit and enjoy. The area is a village amenity, with a seat provided by the parish council. 

The role will include regularly strimming and cutting the grass and clearing the river of weed as and when required.

Part of it could be allowed to grow in Spring/Summer to help the wildlife.

The piece of land is in Church Street.

It's the triangular piece between Holbrook and Watermill Cottage (see photo).

If you are interested in taking on this role please contact your Parish Clerk, Sam.