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Planning Application Policy 

Fontmell Magna Neighbourhood Plan          

Neighbourhood Plan Monitoring Group - Terms of Reference

Conservation Area Appraisal 

Planning Applications:


 Due Date                       

Application NPMG Reports 
Land at Mill St., Fontmell
 9th February 2018
extended to 21st March 2018

click here

Land on South Street, Fontmell 27th April 2018click here
3 Marshlands - Appeal 28th March 2019 click here    
Woodbridge Farm 29th April 2019 click here 
75 Penn Hill 17th May 2019 click here 
Land South of Parsonage St8th June 2019  click here 
Middle Farm 5th July 2019 click hereclick here
Gupples Farm 27th July 2019 click hereclick here
2 North St 27th July 2019 click hereclick here
Land South of Parsonage St 2nd August 2019 click here 
 St. Andrew's School 2nd August 2019 click hereclick here
 The Chapel, Church St. 4th October 2019 click here 
 Little Hartgrove Farm 31st October 2019 click here 
 Fernlea Cottage 15th November 2019 click here 
 Fernlea Cottage (revised) 22nd December 2019 click here 
 Gupples Farm (variation) 22nd December 2019 click here 

Land East of Orchard Corner,Paraons Lane 

 26th December 2019 click here 


Tree Works:

Charlie's Cottage 23rd January 2019 click here
Brookfield, Mill St 25th January 2019 click here
West Lea, The Knapp 31st January 2019 click here
Springhead 7th February 2019 click here
9 Penleas 18th February 2019 click here
4 Collyers Rise 14th March 2019 click here
Land south of Parsonage St 29th March 2019 click here
Badgers Bank15th April 2019 click here
5 Orchard Close 23rd April 2019 click here
Knapp House 26th April 2019 click here
Knapp House 15th July 2019 click here
 Moores Farm 1st August 2019 click here
 Fernlea Cottage, Mill St. 8th August 2019 click here
 Cleeve Cottage, 47 Church St 23rd August 2019 click here