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Fontmell Magna Neighbourhood Plan

Welcome to the Fontmell Magna Neighbourhood Plan website.

This site holds all the documents related to the planning, preparation and communication of a Neighbourhood Plan for Fontmell Magna civil parish.  If you have any queries or comments on the site please contact the working group secretary Michael Humphreys via email: mickhumphreysfm@btinternet.com or mobile: 07850875429. 

Neighbourhood Plan is "made"

Following a majority 'yes' vote in the referendum, the decision was taken by NDDC on 28th November 2018 to make the Fontmell Magna Neighbourhood Plan 2017-2031 part of the development plan for the Fontmell Magna neighbourhood area.  

Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result 

The official result of the Referendum held on 15th November is:

Number of votes cast in favour of a "yes":   249          91.5%

Number of votes cast in favour of a "no":      23            8.5%

Electorate:  569       Total number of votes cast:  272       Turnout: 47.8%


The Neighbourhood Plan has been updated following the recommendations of the Examiner and approved by NDDC to go forward to a referendum of all parish residents eligible to vote.  The referendum will be held on Thursday 15th November 2018 with the question:

Do you want North Dorset District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Fontmell Magna to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

We hope all residents will vote and answer "Yes"! 

 The updated Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents are available here:

Neighbourhood Plan - Referendum Version

Independent Examiner's Report 

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Conservation Area Appraisal

Paper copies of these documents are available at the Village Shop, the Fontmell pub, the Church, St Andrews School and the Village Hall.

A drop-in session will take place in the Village Hall on Saturday 10th November  between 10:00am and 4:00pm for residents to ask questions about the plan before the referendum.


Neighbourhood Plan - NDDC Examination Report

On 10th August 2018 the independent Examiner, Mr David Kaiserman, published the final version of his report to NDDC.  The Report is available to read here.

The Examiner has recommended that "subject to a number of recommendations (principally for changes to the way in which certain policies are expressed), I have concluded that the Fontmell Magna Neighbourhood Plan meets all the necessary legal requirements at this stage of its preparation, and consequently am pleased to recommend that it should proceed to referendum." 

The Parish Council and NP Working Group are happy to accept all the recommendations made by the Examiner.  The Neighbourhood Plan will be updated and submitted to NDDC for approval prior to proceeding to referendum in November 2018.


Neighbourhood Plan - NDDC Submission for Examination 

On 16th March 2018 Fontmell Magna Parish Council submitted their proposed Neighbourhood Plan plus supporting evidence to North Dorset District Council for examination as prescribed under Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

 The submission requires:

a) the proposed neighbourhood development plan;

b) a map or statement which identifies the area to which the proposed neighbourhood development plan relates;

c) a consultation statement;

d) a statement explaining how the proposed neighbourhood development plan meets the requirements of paragraph 8 of Schedule 4B to the 1990 Act;

e) a statement of reasons for the determination that the plan proposal is unlikely to have significant environmental effects.

In addition the Parish Council has submitted/provided links to evidence that has been used in the formulation of policies. All the submitted documents are given reference numbers for ease of tracking.

Plan and Map of Plan Area

1. Fontmell Magna Neighbourhood Plan (Submission Draft) 

2. Neighbourhood Area Map 

Also supplied:

3. Fontmell Magna Neighbourhood Plan (Pre-Submission Draft)

Consultation Statement

4. Fontmell Magna Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement

Consultation Statement appendices 1 and 14 are within the main document.

Consultation Statement appendices 2-13 are available as below:

Appendix 2 – Scoping Workshop (on 7 July 2015) Conclusions

Appendix 3 – Parish Questionnaire – May 2016

Appendix 4 – Supplementary Questionnaire about Businesses - May 2016

Appendix 5 – Parish Questionnaire General - Raw Results

Appendix 5i - Questionnaire Analysis - Housing

Appendix 5ii - Questionnaire Analysis - Environment

Appendix 5iii - Questionnaire Analysis - Local Economy

Appendix 5iv - Community Facilities Policy 

Appendix 6 – Parish Questionnaire Business & Employment - Raw Results

Appendix 7 – Options Consultation Questionnaire – March/April 2017

Appendix 8 – Options Consultation on Infrastructure – May 2017

Appendix 9i – Options Consultation Responses - Residents

Appendix 9ii - Options Consultation Responses - Statutory Consultees

Appendix 10 – Options Consultation Responses - Infrastructure

Appendix 11 – Pre-submission Consultation Questionnaire

Appendix 12 – Extended Summary of Pre-Submission Consultation Responses -Statutory Consultees

Appendix 13 - Extended Summary of Pre-Submission Consultation Responses - Residents

Additional documents supporting the Options Consultation stage April-May 2017 and the Pre-submission Consultation stage October-November 2017 if required can be downloaded directly from the appropriate sections below on this web page.

Basic Conditions

5. Basic Conditions Statement 

Strategic Environmental Assessment

6. Strategic Environmental Assessment - Submission Draft Plan Environmental Report 

Plus additional evidence:

i. DCC Flood Risk Management, notes from Gary Cleaver in response to SEA document

ii. DERC Ecological Assessment of Selected Sites

iii. KMHP Heritage Assessment of Proposed Site Allocations

iv. SEA Determination Statement 

Additional Supporting Evidence

7. Conservation Area Appraisal, adopted by NDDC on 14th February 2018 - click here

8. Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire AONB Management Plan 2014 - 2019 (please download direct - click here

9. Dorset AONB traffic in villages toolkit (please download direct - click here

10. DERC environmental records data - click here

11. Dorset Garden Trust Dorset Gardens of National and Local Significance, October 2014 - Springhead entry - click here

12. Housing Needs Assessment, March 2017 - click here

13. Landscape Character Assessment, Dick Stainer, May 2017 - click here

14. Local Green Spaces, criteria and assessment sheets (multiple files) - click here

15. Mill Street Rural Character, FMNP Environment FG, 2017 - click here

16. Mobile Coverage Checker (please access direct using school postcode SP7 0PF - click here

17. National Heritage List for England - click here, or alternatively access direct from their site here 

18. North Dorset Landscape Character Assessment (please download direct - click here

19. North Dorset local plan part 1 (please download direct - click here

20. Red List Birds, Fontmell Magna - click here

21. Options Stage Site Assessment for Housing, 16/11/16 - click here

22. Sight lines at Crown Crossroads, survey by Dick Stainer, 2017 - click here

23. Strategic Housing Market Assessment for the Eastern Dorset Housing Market Area (please download direct - click here

24. The Fontmell Magna Directory 2018 - click here

25. Fontmell Magna Traffic Management Scheme, September 2014 - click here



Conservation Area Appraisal (now closed)

Consultation 1st December 2017 - 12th January 2018 

Fontmell Magna has conservation area status but this needs to be formalised through North Dorset District Council by adopting a Conservation Area Appraisal.  A draft document has been prepared by the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group and is available now for consultation with parish residents.  

To examine the Conservation Area Appraisal click here.

To obtain a Comments form, click here.

The Neighbourhood Plan working group and NDDC officers will be available to answer questions on the study at a drop-in session at the Village Hall on Wednesday 6th December from 09:00-19:00 and all are welcome to call in.  Comment forms will be available at the drop-in session and should be returned to the Village Shop by 12th January.


Pre-submission Consultation – October-November 2017 (now closed)

The draft Neighbourhood Plan has been produced by volunteers in the Working Group, on behalf of the Parish Council, and is based on extensive consultation with parish residents on their needs and aspirations. The pre-submission consultation acts as a final check before the draft Plan is submitted to the Local Council and then put forward for approval by parish residents in a referendum in 2018. Once the Plan is adopted, planning applications will have to take account of the policies in the Neighbourhood Plan.

The consultation is now closed. A summary of the consultation feedback from residents is available here, and from statutory consultees here.

Thank you for your interest.

Below are the documents presented in the consultation.

To examine the Draft Neighbourhood Plan, click here.

Several supporting documents are also available which you may like to read:

- Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), click here;

-  SEA Non-technical Summary, click here

- Conservation Area Appraisal, click here;

- DERC Ecology Survey of Sites, click here;

- Heritage Assessment Study, click here

Please provide your comments and feedback on the Draft Plan and associated documents by completing a Questionnaire form available here.

You should complete the Questionnaire by 20th November and hand it in to the Village Shop or at one of the two Open Meetings in the Village Hall, on 1st November 6:00-8:00pm or Saturday 4th November 10:00am-4:00pm, or email the form to np@fontmellmagnapc.co.uk.

Thank you for your interest in the Neighbourhood Plan.


FMNP Working Group Meetings 2017-2018:   

Project Meeting No28 26th November 2018 (final meeting) 

Project Meeting No27 24th September 2018 

Project Meeting No26 2nd July 2018 

Project Meeting No25 12th February 2018

Project Meeting No24 15th January 2018 

Project Meeting No23 27th November 2017 

Project Meeting No22 23rd October 2017

Project Meeting No21 Notes 12th September 2017

Project Meeting No20 Notes 17th August 2017 

Project Meeting No19 Notes 17th July 2017

Project Meeting No18 Notes 26th June 2017

Project Meeting No18 Notes 26th June 2017

Project Meeting No17 Notes 7th June 2017 

Project Meeting No16 Notes 15th May 2017

Project Meeting No15 Notes 3rd April 2017

Project Meeting No14 Notes 14th March 2017

Project Meeting No13 Notes 20th February 2017

Project Meeting No12 Notes 16th January 2017


 Options Consultation Online - May 2017 (now closed)

 The FMNP working group has completed consulting all parish residents on more proposals that may be included in the Neighbourhood Plan. This second consultation covered the policy areas of Business & Employment, Social Infrastructure & Community Facilities, Sewage & Drainage Infrastructure, and Transport & Roads.

The consultation closed on Friday 19th May. A summary of the consultation feedback is available here.

 Thank you for your interest.

Below are the documents presented in the consultation. 

Business & Employment - this document sets out policy and project proposals on the development of businesses and local employment in the parish, which may be included in the draft Plan.

Social Infrastructure & Community Facilities - this document presents policy and project proposals in the areas of community infrastructure, facilities and amenities, including community energy schemes, broadband, surgery and pharmacy services, allotments and more.

Sewage & Drainage Infrastructure - this document covers policy and project proposals designed to ensure adequate sewage and drainage infrastructure for the village.

Transport & Roads - this document presents policy and project proposals in relation to transport and road maintenance, and getting around on buses and by walking and cycling.

Options Consultation Questions & Answers sheet – a set of questions seeking your views on the proposals for the Neighbourhood Plan.

End of Options Consultation documents



Options Consultation Online - April 2017 (now closed)

The FMNP working group has completed consulting all parish residents on some important aspects of the proposals that may be included in the Neighbourhood Plan. The relevant documents are listed below, along with a description of each document, under the headings of Introduction, Housing, Environment, Infrastructure, Reference.

The consultation is now closed.  A summary of the consultation feedback from residents is available here, and from statutory consultees here.

Thank you for your interest.

Below are the documents presented in the consultation.  

Introductory Area

What is Neighbourhood Planning? – a brief introduction to neighbourhood planning.

Fontmell Magna Designated Area – map of the designated area of the FM Neighbourhood Plan.

North Dorset Local Plan Review – extract from the scoping report for the local plan review with highlighted relevant paragraphs.

Sustainability Definition – extract from the local plan explaining what is meant by sustainability in development terms.

FMNP Background – information about the FMNP and the options consultation.

FM Settlement Boundary – this map shows the existing settlement boundary of Fontmell Magna.

Retained Policies – extract from the current Local Plan section on retained policies (policies from the 2003 Plan) which will be updated in the current plan revision.

FMNP Vision & Objectives – a statement of aspirations for the parish’s development over the next 15 years.

FMNP Initial Scoping - initial scoping for the neighbourhood plan, reporting outcomes of July 2015 public meeting and initial data search. 

Fontmell Magna from Foretop – a photo showing the village and its setting.

Conservation Area – map of the conservation area which covers Fontmell Magna.


Neighbourhood Plan Housing Policies for Housing Developments - this document contains the detailed draft policies that may be included in the Neighbourhood Plan. Also shown are the Plan objectives that each policy relates to. Your comments on any of the draft policies are welcome.

FM Housing Needs Assessment - this document sets out the estimate for the number of houses which will be needed to satisfy local need throughout the Plan period. It has been conducted at Parish level and will be regularly updated. The methodology and results have been checked by Dorset Planning Consultants.

FMNP Questionnaire Housing Summary Results - this report interprets and explains the results of the housing questions in the Fontmell Magna Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire sent to the Parish residents in May 2016.

Map of Housing Sites assessed – map of housing sites assessed for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Site Assessment Summary - Preferred Sites - this shows a summary of four preferred options and an assessment of the sites against the main draft housing policies of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Site Assessment Summary with Decision Matrix – Rejected Sites - this shows a summary of the reasons why sites are not taken forward for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan and how it measures against the main draft housing policies of the Neighbourhood Plan. Included is a comparison of the sites against the policies and the text of those policies.

Housing Design Options Consultation - the Housing Design Photographic Display shows the contribution that the careful choice of housing design and materials can make towards preserving and enhancing the Conservation Area.  You’ll find explanatory notes here. We welcome your views on the photographs shown here 

Strategic Environmental Assessment (Options Stage) – technical document providing the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the development site options.

Strategic Environmental Assessment non-technical summary – a one page summary of the SEA technical document.


Local Green Spaces – NDDC guidance on local green spaces.

Fontmell Magna IOWAs – map of the current IOWAs (designated green spaces).

North Dorset Plan IOWA 2003 – extract from 2003 Local Plan with the justification and policy on IOWAs.

Local Green Spaces Assessment – list of proposed Local Green Spaces with the decisions from their assessments.

Local Green Spaces for Fontmell Magna – map of proposed local green spaces in Fontmell Magna.

Local Green Spaces for Bedchester – map of proposed local green spaces in Bedchester.

Local Green Spaces for Hartgrove – map of proposed local green spaces in Hartgrove.

Local Green Spaces Assessment Forms - assessment forms for all the potential LGS sites, those approved and not approved.  

Village Pattern – map showing the pattern of development in FM village, including the proposed housing development sites.

Wildlife Corridors – map showing existing and proposed wildlife corridors.

Footpaths – map showing existing and proposed footpaths.

White Hart Link – map showing the route of the proposed White Hart Link in North Dorset.

Fontmell Magna Listed Buildings – the listed buildings in the Fontmell Magna conservation area only.

FM Listed Buildings – map of the listed buildings in Fontmell Magna.

FM Scheduled Monuments – map of the scheduled monuments in Fontmell Magna parish.

Environmental Proposals Questions – explanations of the proposals and questions for the environment, covering local green spaces, pattern of development, wildlife corridors, footpaths and the historic environment. Please use to the answer sheet here.


FM Traffic Management Scheme 2014 – proposals for improving traffic around the village.

FM Traffic Management Scheme 2014 Summary – summary of proposals for improving traffic around the village.

FM Traffic Improvements – summary of proposals from DCC Highways

AONB Toolkit Response – how some traffic improvements may look in the Village setting.

Businesses in Fontmell Magna – map showing the locations of businesses in Fontmell Magna parish. 

List of Parish Amenities – the amenities and facilities to protect and support.

Mobile Network Coverage – a map of EE’s network coverage across the parish.


Policy 5, The Historic Environment, North Dorset Local Plan Part1 Jan 2016 – the policy that should protect local character, etc.

Neighbourhood Planning – guide to neighbourhood planning from the Locality organisation.

National Planning Policy Framework 2012 – Department for Communities and Local Government national guidance for planning policy.

Options Consultation Questions & Answers sheet – a set of questions seeking your views on the proposals for the Neighbourhood Plan.


End of Options Consultation documents 





Designated Area: 

An application for the designated area of the Neighbourhood Plan was submitted by the Parish Council and approved by NDDC on 22nd June 2016.  The area follows the civil parish boundaries and can be seen on this map.

Community Questionnaire: 

Community Questionnaire final 04 May 16

Business & Employment Questionnaire final 29 Apr 16

Community Questionnaire - Raw Results Report June 2016

Business & Employment Questionnaire - Raw Results Report June 2016 

FMNP Working Group Meetings 2015-16: 

Project Meeting No11 Notes 21st November 2016 

Project Meeting No10 Notes 4th October 2016

Project Meeting No9 Notes 22nd August 2016

Project Meeting No8 Notes 18th July 2016 

Project Meeting No7 Notes 6th June 2016

Project Meeting No6 Notes 25th April 2016

Project Meeting No5 Notes 4th April 2016 

Project Meeting No4 Notes 22nd February 2016

Project Meeting No3 Notes 18th January 2016

Project Meeting No2 Notes 16th November 2015 

Project Meeting No1 Notes 28th September 2015

Project Meeting No1 Supplementary Notes 28th September 2015 

Information Gathering Papers:

Housing Needs Survey, Preliminary Report Proposal Discussion


Local Amenities

Local Green Spaces

Broadband & Networks 

Transport & Parking